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UBDC CCTV Object Detection

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Glasgow CCTV Object Detection

A Data Service Using Object Detection Models to Count Street Traffic in Glasgow


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Counting Street Traffic in Glasgow

The Glasgow CCTV Object Detection platform provides counts of street traffic and pedestrians recorded at 79 different locations across Glasgow. Our model, developed by the team at UBDC, uses object detection technology to record the number of people and vehicles passing by CCTV cameras.

Logging new data at regular intervals each day, this project aims to improve public understanding of mobility and traffic patterns across Glasgow.

This platform provides access to the project's latest data through an API and .csv file download so that individuals and researchers can use it to promote better understanding of our city. Read more in our docs →

Image of CCTV Camera.

A Data Service From

Latest Release: 16th July 2024

Download Our Latest Data Release

Download a .csv file with the most recently updated version of our data.
Each data release contains all historical historic_records recorded by this project.

Browse Our API Routes

The Glasgow CCTV Object Detection platform provides two freely available API routes to request data.

You can use our endpoints to access specific data samples. Check the documentation for some examples of how to query the API.


Access data about the location of cameras used in the project - specified using latitude and longitude.


Access counts of different forms of street traffic in Glasgow - as identified by our object detection model.

Detecting and Counting Traffic in Glasgow

Explore Our Camera Locations

Use our map to explore the locations of CCTV cameras used in the project.
Hover over camera icons for more info.

Technical Notes & Terms of Use

About The Data

A technical summary explaining how our CCTV Object Detection model was built and describing the camera attributes is available via this DOI link.


The data accessed through this platform is available for use under the Open Government Licence. If you wish to use the data you must acknowledge its source by including or linking to the following attribution statement.

Glasgow CCTV Automated Object Detection Counts, Glasgow City Council / Urban Big Data Centre at the University of Glasgow, 2022, Copyright © Glasgow City Council 2022

Image of How the CCTV Object Detection Model Works

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Glasgow CCTV Object Detection

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